Monday, February 20, 2006

ode to Jack LaLanne

Last Thursday I woke up and I knew it. I was coming down with something. My head was heavy, I could feel the germs gathering force at the back of my throat.

Oh no, not my birthday weekend!

I spent all day popping Tylenol, knowing that after my bar night I had the whole weekend to recover. This is the year of health; I do not want to be sick all the time anymore. Hells no.

Friday I slept all day. The germination had not progressed, but was still present.

Same situation Saturday when I awoke. I got up, went to the gym, struggled through a workout. Then I hit the Amish Market and bought my salvation. Ingredients to my power juice. I came home and made my elixir. That night I hit the town with my peeps, we all went to Dead Poets, of which I have heard many wonderful things but myself had never experienced. Turns out I got to drink for free as I share a birthday with a famous literary figure.

Sunday I woke up, made and drank more juice. I again rested all day, even though the germs in the back of my throat seemed to be losing force, no need to tempt the army to one last charge.

For those of you out of the loop, last year I went on a liquid fast lasting two weeks for the health benefits. I bought the Jack LaLanne Juicer, and discovered that guy is not a quack. Myself having a *slightly* flawed digestive system, I was amazed at the difference drinking the fresh juice of fruits and vegetables had to simply having a very healthy diet or even taking vitamins. Not only did I feel better as a result of my actions, but also I have not had an episode since. (Knock on wood.)

But I digress.

Today I woke up, and by god I am better. I am ecstatic! Once again I have had my faith in the juice reinforced. Not that I necessarily want to live as long as Mr. L, but I'd like to feel relatively healthy while I am still kicking.

Just in case you are curious, here is my recipe for the uber juice.

five regular carrots
a bunch of kale
one medium beet
one cup strawberries
two cups red grapes
two fuji apples

Yes, this actually tastes good, like grape apple juice. Gotta love the natural sugar.

Things to keep in mind - if you user a blender instead of a juicer you will make one disgusting fiber filled drink. Just don't do it. Also, the sooner you consume after you make it the better, juices somehow magically leak their nutrients into the air once made, losing potency very quickly. My scientific mind does not understand this concept, but if the LaLanne says so, it must be.

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