Sunday, July 30, 2006


You know, I never used to watch a lot of TV. On a frequent basis Ali Girl will say things to me like

"Did you ever see that episode of friends.."
"Like on that episode of Seinfeld, you know..."

To which my response to both is normally a resounding No.

It isn't that I am a TV snob; I have never been that person to claims to only watch the Discovery and Learning channels. Oh no, if I watch I am watching to be entertained not taught. Really it just breaks down to the fact that for most of my life I was pretty damn busy. Working two jobs all the time, one of them typically being a night profession, tends to cut down on the number of sitcoms you watch. And when I wasn't working, I was out spending time with friends desperately trying to 'make up' my fun time that I perceived myself to be missing.

Somehow in living this nine to five life I have become somewhat domesticated. Having been able to quit my second job has given me plenty of time so that I can do even less. At some point I became happy to stop living life outside and have been sequestering myself at home watching the boob tube.

Of course I did not realize just how much until I took my cable away. Seems I have gotten pretty damn lazy as of late. Coming home every work night to lounge on my couch only leaving my apartment to do things on the weekend has to end.

First I have to get through the withdrawal pangs. They are much stronger than I anticipated. Not quite leaving me a quivering mass on the floor, but more leaving me feeling lost and confused without someone telling my brain what to think about. This separation is proving to be more challenging than anticipated, but I have never been one to cringe at a venture.

Hell, if I was able to quit smoking this should be cake, right?

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Anonymous said...

you cannot be my sister ;)
more power to you - I pay $56 a month for satellite cable with my DVR and I use every cent of it :)
I'll let you know how battlestar glattica is this upcoming season...