Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Okay, so yesterday I came clean with my boss and told her I had a job interview today.  When I asked about the name dropping situation last week, she declared ignorance.  Turns out she had no idea, it was completely by coincidence that this particular woman and job came up in discussion in the meeting.
Heh, silly me.
Anyhoo, she voiced a desire for me to stay and I went into the reasons why I am considering leaving.  Including airing many of my concerns about my nemesis.  That was harder to do than I anticipated;  I really felt like a rat. 
What I didn't tell her were the problems I have with her.  Ironically the thing she has the most control over.  Not that my issues with her are monumental by any means, but they do exist.
So I have a meeting with her later today to let her know how the interview pans out.  In talking to her I explained that if leaving does not represent a clear advantage to me, I will not go.  For the most part things are good for me here and it is not like I am running out screaming.  More like being the typical new yorker - always looking for a better deal.

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