Sunday, July 09, 2006


Over the years I have have had a moment of bravery or two:

  • Many times I have switched from career to career with nary a worry of whether indeed this job was the career of my life. Or of job security.

  • On my own I moved to New York City, the land of 'if you can make it there you can make it anywhere' without a doubt in the world I would succeed.

  • In my life I have lived through over twenty emergency room visits and four surgeries, all but two on my own power and by myself, with nary a need for company.

  • In under a year of being an assistant I walked into whom I perceived to be a very intimidating VP's office and declared that I was a valuable resource that was being wasted and she was losing out on a brilliant mind that needed to be utilized.

  • So many little testaments to my strength and independence. Yet I had a first date lined up for this week and totally cancelled. I got cold feet.

    Ah, everyone has their weaknesses. Did you know there are people out there who enjoy dating?!? I gotta work on that one.

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    ctina said...

    dating can be fun, but sometimes it's like a party you aren't really excited about, but you go anyway and end up having a great time.

    so maybe psych yourself up in other ways- like look forward to the things you are doing on the date- go someplace you've never been & have want to go anyway.

    Or here's one, think of it like a science experiment... try out a new approach & see how they react- like tell them your most shocking story & see what they do. or dye your hair another crazy color. or wear ridiculous shoes. just make it fun for yourself, and less about them.