Wednesday, July 19, 2006

new job

It seems I have been remiss in discussing my new gig. I talked about the decision to leave but nothing after.

Here is the breakdown:

  • The job is for another major publisher, so I am staying in the same industry for now. I do not have a fun name for the job yet, so let's just call my new place of business S&S.

  • My new title is something approximately like Director Supply and Demand Planning, Inventory Forecasting, Juvenile. Yes, I have another super duper long title. Seems that is my lot in corporate life.

  • It is a promotion, but I go from my current situation of having five direct reports to having just three.

  • Instead of managing various projects that border on the IT world, I was informed that I will be responsible for inventory of about five thousand individual juvenile products as well as six to seven hundred new items a year. For you non-book industry types, that many tend to go out of circulation within a year so it balances out.

  • My last day at the mighty bird is Friday August 4th, and I start at S&S Monday August 7th. I like money too much to take unpaid time off in-between. Oh, and I like eating too.

  • Last but most definitely not least - My sianara party will be Thursday August 3rd at Barrow Street Ale House. If you can't make that you are welcome to the 'losers who couldn't make the main shindig' party at Rudy's the next day after work. Nothing like Rudy's outside area on a half day Friday with $8 pitchers, free hot dogs and popcorn to really send me on my way. *sigh*

  • Really I couldn't be more excited about this move. I love change and have been craving it for some time now. Not to mention I get to be in a much faster paced and more cause and effect oriented role, which I thrive in. Although I am sad knowing that I will miss the company of some amazing friends at the old waddling bird, I trust that we will remain friends and keep in touch. They are way too cool and mean too much to me for anything other to happen.

    Oh, and I can walk to work now. Rock. On.


    Sam said...

    Congrats. How about The Plaza (for all those Olivia books).

    shirley said...

    S&S... whatever could that stand for? Shirley&Sadness, now that you're leaving? Hee!