Friday, July 28, 2006

that's it

Soon after purchasing my new baby, Mackie the MacBook,

I realized my cable modem sucks. Sure I can plug it into my AirPort Express to make it wireless, but for some reason the internet kept timing out and I had to restart the modem every single time I wanted to go online.

Then I discovered the myriad of wireless connections that I have access to from my apartment. Seriously, there are at the minimum three different open connections at all time that I can use. So about a week ago I unplugged my modem and left it off.

With this comes the question again, what to do about cable? Look, for basic after taxes it is practically $100 a month. Do I really watch $100 worth of television? Even more importantly, is the quality of television I watch really worth anywhere near that much? Especially now that you can choose to avoid cable altogether and buy a TV show – or even an entire season – from itunes. And of course there is the NetFlix option for TV, wait for the series to come out on DVD and watch the whole damn thing at once. Which I have been known to do.

Do you believe in signs? Last night I arrived home and discovered my cable TV was not working. Not reboot type not working, but there is no signal whatsoever some technician has to come out and check all the stupid cables not working.

Why wait to have them fix something I don’t even think I want anymore? Forget it. After work today I’m going to walk over to the apple store, invest $30 in a cable to connect Mackie to my TV, and by god stop the insanity.

Cable free for me! Viva la revolution!

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Michael said...

How good was The Matador!?

It was sneaky in a way. It went along, doing it's own thingy and before you know it !BAM! They sucked you and had a story to tell.