Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So let's suppose you hear about a job at another company, a rival company, and you inquire about it to a friend. Now let's say that inquiry led to some phone tag with that company's hr.

Now imagine you are in a meeting with your boss, and she mentions a person she knows who works for said company. And this person she knows who just got promoted to a great job. Asking if you remember her when she worked for the company. Which is very strange, as this girl worked in your department a good ten years before you did.

*DING!* First name being mentioned is the same as the person who recently vacated the job and whom with you would be interviewing at the other company.

So busted. But yet sort of. Guess that explains the frequency at which the boss has been asking me about how I am lately. Luckily there is not too much weight to be put upon a couple of phone calls.


ctina said...

That's scary! God, publishing is a suffocating world sometimes..!

Sunshine said...

same thing happened to me when i interviewed at a 'rival.' BOSS knew exactly the position and how much they were offering about Big Brother syndrome

ctina said...

come to think of it, that happened to me too. though my boss was cool-- she helped me leverage so that i could stay at my company & get more money.