Tuesday, July 18, 2006

fifth grade

On the way into work this morning I came upon a co-worker who happens to be a good friend of DTH guy. While we had been seeing each other I had spent a good amount of time with this person, being that I am pretty social and adept at making friends, blending in with different social groups. As par for the course I make an extra effort with cohorts of people I’m dating.

So as we do work for the same company and I knew this gentleman before the hook up, I struck up a casual conversation. This is something I do with anyone I know because I believe that people appreciate being recognized and talked to, or at least if you have something to talk about. (And I always do…)

Now the weather of course is the big topic of conversation today, and the fact that we were outside made it even more so.

As we entered work, I noticed the guy was rather standoffish, cold even. (Oh sweet irony) And of course to continue on that path he made sure to break off from talking as soon as he could.

Okay, I totally understand that there is something to be said for loyalty to friends, but come on already! We are adults, for god’s sake. It isn’t like I’m trying to pick the guy up, I’m just being polite! I mean, I only dated his friend for three months, and the breakup was amiable. Get over the childish crap, be a little professional and adult and just act normally!

Really, if we had dated for a while or I had cheated or walked all over the guy then I could see some kind of cold shoulder routine. But over three months of sex? Wasn’t that a winning deal? Puhlease.

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