Thursday, September 03, 2009

self perception

For the last two years I had convinced myself that I have a weak chin.

This is something that never even hit my radar in my 20's. Thus it came as quite a shock to suddenly see that in all my pics my chin just disappeared.

So I started paying more attention to my poses in photographs. Tilt the head, chin up, keep neck straight. In important meetings I made an effort to keep my posture up as well, doing my best to keep my chin as pronounced as possible.

As I mentioned this detox has helped me shed a few pounds. And guess what. My chin is back.

All along I had a double chin. Damn you fat fairy!! It snuck up on me somewhere, those extra couple inches of adipose tissue.

It makes sense to me now, being that I never was so self conscious of my chin when I was younger. But isn't it odd how I deceived myself that it was a permanent flaw instead of a correctable one? Or maybe resigned myself that it was something that was more noticeable with age as opposed to more noticeable with heft?

Guess it just goes to show - I really show weight gain in my face. Lucky me. But good to note for the future.

Now I wonder if I lose five more pounds if I’ll look five years younger, less wrinkles? Talk about motivation to diet!

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