Monday, September 07, 2009


Wow, what a weekend.

Last minute this week Hools and I set up some Labor Day weekend plans.

Saturday was to be tubing down the Delaware River followed by wine tasting with Urban Adventures. Sunday would be a trip to Coney Island checking out the aquarium and then a Cyclones game.

The urban adventure went exactly as planned - and was perfect. Ideal weather, incredibly friendly and fun staff, and an altogether perfectly planned and executed outing. This company has only been around 14 months and I have to say the entire day was so impressive Hools and I are chomping at the bit to sign up for our next adventure "out of the bubble".

Maybe Shootin and Drinkin?

Course I've never really been a whiskey drinker. I think maybe this is more my speed.

Sunday on the other hand did not turn out as planned at all. But ended up being spectacular in entirely other ways.

The day started out sunny and warm, and then the wind kicked up. Holy mother of god sand was blowing everywhere! This caused a mad rush to the aquarium and a line that looked a good half-hour long. So we put the kybosh on that one.

Luckily my favorite thing to do in Coney Island - visiting the freaks at the sideshow - was wide open. We fortuitously arrived just as the show was starting and before the rush. Then we hung out at the freak bar and had a couple of brews before heading over to the Cyclone ball field.

Which was frickin cold. That wind was carrying some very cool fall temperatures and despite the fact I had purchased TWO shirts I was freezing. We did last three beers and eight innings like true troopers though. Then headed back for the city on a search for a nice bar.

And boy did we find it. We stopped at Hibernia, formerly known as the Electric Banana. Remodeled and under new management it seems to have built quite a fun and social community. They had arranged a Met game outing and quite a few clientele returned to the bar afterward to continue the party. And they were sociable. We talked to so many people and had so many laughs, even had a shot or two.

Oh, and I drank a shot out of my shoe.


Some of the regulars were saying that on your birthday there was a stiletto behind the bar that they make you do a shot out of. When I asked the bartender about this tradition he requested that I hand over my flip-flop. You know, the one I wore all day walking around the windy sandy Coney Island and then the subway and the city. So I did.

And then he took a bottle of jagermeister and started pouring some down my flip-flop. Without even thinking...

Yeah I drank out of my nasty disgusting shoe.

Then sat in shock for like ten minutes at what I had done. Obviously I am very susceptible to suggestion. My god, who am I??

Best part? Like a half hour later I did another shot out of my other shoe. And when there was a little jager left in my heel the bartender finished it off.

Awesome. Simply awesome. I think this is my new favorite bar.

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