Sunday, September 27, 2009

livin' raw

Okay, I have decided to take a leap. I am going to live raw for a while.

Over the detox I already talked about how awesome I felt by dipping my toe into the raw diet world. Well I've been eating more and more 'normal' foods since then and while my energy is still totally at a high compared to pre-detox I'm not feeling quite as spectacular.

So I 'm going to do it. But with a few rules.

No preachiness. This is how I'm going to eat for a while, that's all. We'll see how long I can go at work and in life just making raw choices and not calling attention to a food lifestyle. I vow not to bring it up as a topic of conversation. If someone asks about it I'll gladly explain, but I'm not going to make this a thing. My blog is the best place to talk this all out, so people can turn away if they are not interested.

Flexibility. If I'm at a party or out to dinner with friends I will eat normally. That means sharing regular appetizers and partaking in cooked foods. If you don't count snacks there are 21 meals in a week, if one or two of those are not raw the benefits of my diet won't be lost. Eating with friends has social and cultural repercussions that I believe are very important and I don't want to miss out on.

Real world. Where I'm still not drinking coffee I'm going to drink tea. And while wine is considered a raw food (never heated over 120 degrees) I will still enjoy a beer or two. Or ten, since you all know me. The idea of this lifestyle is to rotate my meals and snacks around being raw, there are going to be foods and drinks that I still want to consume, and so I will. Thus I'm not 100% raw, the percentage is yet to be seen but I'm aiming for 75%-90% for now.

It won't be hard to make this transition; most of the food in my pantry is unprocessed. I had eaten, given away, or thrown out all the prepared food weeks ago. The biggest commitment I had to make was investing in a good food processor. So I went whole hog and bought the Cuisinart elite die-cast 12 cup that has the additional 4-cup bowl included.

Isn't it pretty? When on the detoxing I was buying my food prepared, but four bucks for a single serving of carrot raisin salad when I could make five servings for the same price doesn't make sense.
Besides, I've always wanted to make my own pesto and hummus. And it works as a blender too, so I can have smoothies all the time! 


Should this be a lifestyle that I end up embracing for a while I'll have to get a dehydrator next. I bought a recipe book and while there are tons of tasty meals I can make with my new toy above, it seems a dehydrator is a key tool in food preparation for living raw. But we'll cross that road when we get to it.

Off I go to buy my groceries for the week! I wonder if it will be cheaper to live off of produce as opposed to processed foods. We'll see.


Blasé said...

Yes, it is pretty. And you'll need it to do what you want to do.

Peace and Love

ctina said...

The machine is GORGEOUS. I want to try some of these things. In the meantime, I will eat raw cookie dough in support