Tuesday, September 29, 2009

out of office

Back to the dating files.  Seems 2009 is my year of dating via chemistry.com.

Early August I met someone, we'll call him Drama since he's a playwright/actor.  We hit it off really well at the start.  He was really attentive and affectionate, just the way I like 'em.  When we would go out on dates he would ask "when can I see you again" and I'd get at least one email or text a day. 

Sappy sweet.  So my speed.

Thus I was really excited.  Hell, I even went out and bought some new clothes for our dates.  Which I NEVER do. 

Next all of a sudden Drama got busy.  Really busy.  His day job started throwing projects at him that ate up his weekend and the play that he wrote and was acting in was heading into heavy rehearsals. 

Since we had such a good couple of weeks I was all supportive.  "Sure I understand you are busy, I've been busy before."  But then time moved on.  We only saw each other for an occasional booty call.  No catch up before, a sleep over and then a see ya later.

Then there were the daily emails.  Our fun frequent email exchanges came down to one a day from him asking how I was.  I of course would write back some details and funny stories.  Witty banter.  Then when I asked about his day it was always "busy and tired".

Seriously, I was dating an out of office message for three weeks.  Same thing, over and over.  The response varied in grammar but that is about it.

Listen, I do get being booked and having a lot going on.  But seriously with that much going on isn't there something, ANYTHING to talk about?  At least for me there is.  Activity gets the gears a'turnin, motivates ideas and inspiration.  Gives new perspective and insight.

In a last ditch effort I told him I was tired of dating via email.  So he agreed to go on a date...to see a movie.  The conversation was the same out of office message, saw the movie, then he wanted to hook up.

Oh no.  It doesn't work like that.  At least not for me.  I want someone who is interested in what I have going on and has interesting thing of their own to share.  So that was the end of that. 

On the bright side whatever that was - busy or not that into me - it was my favorite breakup of the year.  All it took was me not returning one email and one text and not reaching out on my own.  No confrontation no issues.  Love it.

Yes I may be a wuss when it comes to breaking up, but when it works out to my favor then I'm much more interested in continuing my dating streak.  Because next time instead of having a breakup made for me I'll have a relationship made for me instead.  Nice.

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