Tuesday, September 08, 2009

conspiracy theory

If you live in NYC and are a fan of Central Park you may have heard about the storm on August 18th.

Supposedly this was the worst storm in park history. At this time the fallen and badly damaged tree count is up to 400, which is a frickin lot of trees.

What strikes me as odd is how localized this destruction was. All this damage occurred north of 95th street, and the park only goes to 110th st. And it all happened in a half an hour.

No damage occurred lower in the park, and no buildings around the north part of the park were afflicted.

Stranger and stranger, right??? After the storm you couldn't walk 50 feet without seeing HUGE trees lying fallen on the ground.

So here is what I'm thinking. No way was a storm that localized. NO WAY.

It was aliens. Like a skirmish broke out with the real men in black.

Okay, or maybe it was a Godzilla type monster war. Some kind of large mutant creature fight that broke out and trees were stepped on and knocked askew.

Oooh! Or it was a wizard fight! Like the death eaters vs. the order of the phoenix!! All those spells flying helter skelter felled some timber.

One of these ideas has to be right. I’m sure there is some cover up about what really happened.

Best of all? The huge piles of wood chips currently hanging out in the park. They smell awful, not at all like normally fragrant shredded wood. Methinks there may be a dead alien corpse or some such hidden under there.


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