Wednesday, September 23, 2009

living caffeine free

Yes, you did read that post title correctly. I, Bridget Rockstar, have been living caffeine free since August 5th. That would be seven weeks for those of you counting.

Okay let me qualify that a bit. I have had coffee twice in that time after the actual detox. Quite tasty java sent to me by my cousin Cath and her girly-friend Heath from a Portland coffee house. But both times were on the weekend for no other reason but the enjoyment of really good coffee. Not the drug effects.

Two months ago I never thought I would be able to function without caffeine. A couple of times I tried to power through without my coffee or red bull, only to feel like I was walking underwater with my brain in a fog. Not fun and not conducive to getting work done.

Yet here I am working at top capacity every day without my regular cup (or six) of joe.

Oh, and don't think I've been tempted! If I had one too many the night before or am in the middle of a really stressful day I totally crave a cuppa. But having held on this long makes me think I could have quite possibly kicked the habit for good.

First smoking, now coffee. What's next??

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