Wednesday, February 27, 2008

road to recovery

God antibiotics are wonderful. I feel like a million bucks. This week I've even been to the gym! Twice!

No I'm not running. The doc didn't want me to until my vitamin D levels were normal. Besides, I need to build up some good ole' muscle strength before starting all that pounding on the joints again.

One interesting thing is that my hearing isn't quite all back yet. I keep noticing how much quieter everything is - my shower running in the morning, the atmosphere at the gym, whatever. Then I remember it is because I'm still blocked. It only really gets annoying when there is no noise around me at all. Then I hear very loud ringing in my ears.

Luckily I live in NYC, so silence happens for a total of about six minutes cumulatively in any given day.

Best part about healing for reals though? Finally I get to have a birthday party!!! This Friday at the Irish Rogue. Exactly what the doctor ordered, lots of friends, alcohol, and laughs to help me forget that time is a bastard that just won't stop.

Yes, I promise that I’ll take pictures. :)

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