Saturday, February 09, 2008

runner's dreams

As I mentioned before, earlier in the week I finally saw my rheumatologist. The day I have been waiting for, patiently not engaging in any activity that may cause my knee to degenerate.

Know what she said? "Well, you knee isn't swollen."


Okay. That was it. When I asked if I could therefore run she said sure. Just start slow.


Basically she believes that the pseudogout was a fluke, chemical imbalance or some such. So had four vials of blood send to a lab and got me the before mentioned bone density scan.

So here I am, ready to get back on track. Wednesday I did some preliminary running on the treadmill, one minute stints interrupted by walking. No pain during or after, thank heaven.

Since overall it has been five months since I have been running I get to start over from scratch. Which means I bring out the tome, by running bible...

Honest to god without this book I never would have become a runner. I went from not being able to jog a quarter of a mile to eventually completing a marathon.

This marvelous piece of literature gave me the knowledge and motivation to get started and keep going. And I am totally stoked to bring it off the shelf to get going again.

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ctina said...

awesome! are you doing the snowflake 4M?