Tuesday, February 12, 2008

foiled again

So while running Saturday doing the one-minute on then one minute off series I started to feel something.

Pain in my knee.

Aaaaaaaaargh!! Talk about jinxing myself. My knee has just stopped hurting today, three days later. What is weird is that it hurts in a different way than before. That was unexpected.

On a more interesting note my rheumatologist called yesterday to let me know she found something in my blood work. Seems I'm deficient in Vitamin D. My levels were low. To quote "Really really low"

Whoa, don't blow me away with all that technical talk.

She said not to run until I am fully juiced again, and prescribed prescription strength Vitamin D tablets. Did you know that Vitamin D is the only nutrient you can't gleam naturally from food? Seems all my healthy eating doesn't mean a damn when it comes to this stupid vitamin.

Sure I could absorb it naturally from sunlight, but have you seen my skin? Are you aware of the city I live in? Aren't I supposed to be worrying about skin cancer?

Thus I am relegated to eating plenty of vitamin D fortified foods and beverages and taking a vitamin Daily. Not exactly torture, just a funny thing to add to the list of things to do.

And hopefully it will prove a cure for the pseudogout. We'll know in another two months.

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