Friday, February 22, 2008


For the last three days I have been laid up sick. Seems I went and caught myself the flu and then tagged on a sinus infection to boot.

Never had a sinus infection before. You know what it feels like? Like your head is going to explode. But really slowly so that it will build pressure and then ooze out of somewhere a bit but still not relieve pressure and then ooze out somewhere else...

Guess that isn't a pretty picture.

In a perverse kind of way I always kind of enjoy getting a fever. When you are in it you of course are miserable, but it is such an interesting thing to go through with all the heat and cold synapses misfiring. Oh, and the dreams.

Know what my fever dreams were? That I was Amy Winehouse and Clinton and Obama were desperately trying to get me out of bed to go vote for one of them. All night, a recurring theme. I think at some point around 5am, probably when my fever broke, I realized I wasn't Amy Wineshouse and didn't need to worry. It isn't like she is an American citizen anyway.

Ah well, back to a drug-laden sleep for me.

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