Sunday, February 24, 2008

wha? huh?

Because nothing in my life can be normal I had some extra fun with my little virus.

As per norm my doctor hadn't wanted to give me antibiotics because of the whole virus vs superbug issue. Which means I get to come up with new complications.

Last night as I was walking across the room while blowing my nose all of a sudden I felt pain in my left ear. And I got really, really, REALLY dizzy.

Well, being a halfway informed person I immediately assumed I blew something in my inner ear, probably my eardrum. Which is no biggie. People do this all the time, people prone to ear infections have it done on purpose.

Unfortunately when I awoke this morning my ear was taking in no sound and felt like it was stuffed with cotton. Oh, my my left eye also was glued shut with some nice light green seepage. Deaf in one ear and blind in one eye. Sweet.

All this did not alarm me. Because I know what this leads to. Antibiotics!! Finally!!

So sadly I had to miss trapeze lessons (Thighs went without me and promised to join whenever I reschedule) which I had wanted to do in order to celebrate my bday in lieu of a quick visit to the doctor. Who cares though when I can finally get healed!! How else am I going to get to Goal F using Goal S by the end of March?

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