Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Oh no, we're not just talking about any ordinary wheels here. We are talking about squeaky ones. You know - the kind that gets the grease.

This morning I went to get a bone density scan. Because my rheumatologist completely ignored my pseudogout knee because it wasn't swollen and decided my skeleton must be weak because of my crohns. See that leap? Yeah....

Anyhoo I got my sorry butt to the radiology lab at 8:15 am for my 8:30 appt. Forty-five minutes and two rounds of people who came and were helped ahead of me later I worked my way up to the counter to ask how much longer I would have to wait. Being that I have a JOB to get to and all. You know, the way I can afford such exciting tests.

The receptionist couldn't get anyone in radiology to answer the phone. So she told me to sit down and she'd let me know.

Ten minutes later I had sort of overheard they had an answer but didn't bother to inform me. So that was it, I let out my inner squeaky wheel.

Obviously frustrated I walked up to the counter again and asked how much longer I had to wait. The nurse said she had no idea. To which I asked, "What do you mean no idea? Like ten minutes or an hour? Did the radiologist not even show? Is the machine broken? Just let me know what is going on here and if I need to I'll reschedule. There has to be some time frame we can work with."


That got me in. They ushered me back to the testing area and I was scanned. And I hadn't even done anything but just ask for a little bit more info so I could make an informed decision.

Honestly I have to admit that I was a little amazed at how quickly they modified their behavior. Coming from the Midwest I was raised to be patient and polite. Sit back, wait, and don't complain. If you do, smile and nod and just take it. As I have gotten older I realize that speaking up is a good thing. Some people would even call it communication. As in if you don't tell someone that you don't like something then they will never have an opportunity to fix it. Your fault, not theirs.

So with this interesting turn of events methinks I'll work more on asking questions rather than just stockpiling impatience and frustration all inside. Seems I get more done.

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