Saturday, January 05, 2008


If you are one of my longtime readers you may have notice how absent running has been from my posts lately.

That's because I haven't been. Running, that is. Believe it or not it has been four months.

The knee is still messed up. Yes, I have been a good girl and seen a sports doctor. Did the MRI thing and that didn't tell us much. He prescribed three Advil three times a day with rest, once for three weeks and then for five. Each time I have tried to get back on the wagon it got bad all over again.

Now I am not afraid of pain. Working through it, running through it. But my knee gets swollen and just stops working, so this is something I can't just plow through.

Next I'll have to see my doc again and get a cortisone shot or get scoped. Or both.

But in the meantime, what is a girl to do? Early on in my recovery I was swimming, biking, and using the elliptical. But after I didn't heal right I opted for just plain rest. So of course since I did nothing and thusly I have lost tons of fitness and gained a few pounds. (Aaaaaargh)

Most of all I miss actually running of course. The movement, the sort of speed, sprinting down a hill in central park. It acts as a huge stress reliever and really brings those endorphins out and about.

Now I'm determined though, to get some of this damn fitness back. And I have an idea how to do it and still heal the damn knee. YOGA. Yep, low impact focusing on strength and flexibility. Just what the healing muscle/ligament/tendon called for.

Just have to wait for the swelling to go down enough to be able to sit in the child's pose...hopefully by next Sunday when my beginners seminar starts.

If I said it once I'll say it a thousand times. My body is out to get me. Damn body.


Flighty Bird said...

I find that tiger balm and those Icy/Hot knee-brace pod thingies work pretty well...coming from one who has knee issues for YEARS!! always wanted to do Yoga though...let me know how it goes!

Erica said...

Pilates...I LOVE Pilates. If you're a member of NYSC you should take Gail's class. Even preggers she's great, which is probably why she looks so awesome. Pilates is the best thing ever.