Saturday, January 26, 2008

job madness

Seriously I can't WAIT until I move on from this job so I can blog about it.

Back when this thing was a secret on occasion I would let loose on the nine to five gig. Bitch about coworkers, the company, etc etc. Now that it is known by people in my company that this thing exists I can't work blog for fear of self harm (getting fired or being named in a lawsuit) of for harm of others (political ramifications and feelings getting hurt).

This can be said. Mother of god life is stranger than fiction. The political hijinx that go on in my workplace are the stuff of legend.

Working for GM I recall politics existing, but not really any subterfuge about them. Like when I complained about how my supervisor did not add to my work experience (With the help of Dirk I would find my own assignments) instead of giving me a new supervisor mine got more involved and kept me in the office so he could provide projects. Creating flow charts. Yeah, that's when I started only showing up for work an hour each day. And no one noticed.

In the restaurant and bar world the political game slaps you in the face. You know that to get anywhere you need to kiss management's ass, and the favorites get what they want. If someone is higher up on the totem pole you find out what they did to get there and beat them at their game. So by god if you want the good shifts you better be comfortable with marginal sexual harassment. And I was, it didn't has never bothered me.

Flight attendant? No politics. At all. Seniority and attendance was king.

Optician? Pretty much a retail gig, so again all about favoritism but with less flirting.

But oh the world of corporate publishing. Wow. I don't know if it is because of the NYC connection or the fact that business is centering on talent, which can be subjective. Every day I'm amazed by the subterfuge. Luckily where I'm at a level that I am directly affected by it I don't necessarily have to participate to survive.

No matter where you work there will be politics of some kind - natural byproduct of interpersonal relations. I suppose the key is finding a gig where they come naturally so you don't even think about them. Honestly I can't imagine being a shark and being at home in the big leagues. Do I even know anyone who is?

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