Friday, January 11, 2008

election 2008 - part two


All of the media. They are.

Think about it. For all the debate and all the poling. All the pros and cons.

Keep in mind here, I am the most positive glass half full- sunny side of the street - rose colored glasses - only see the bright side - damn hopeful person on the planet.

I am.

Yet no one is asking the real question of this election.

Who does the American Public hate the least?? (alphabetical order thank you very much)

A black man in power

A woman in power

Another republican white male in power

Historical decisions here people.

In a world where Katrina happened because it wasn't WASP, the equal rights amendment still hasn't passed for women (surprise, it is true), and a cocaine addict can start a war in one country because a terrorist from another country does an unspeakable act.

It isn't who this country trusts the most, it is who they trust the least. But with just a little bit more hate and prejudice thrown in for fun.

Happy voting.

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