Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You know, for most of my life I had jobs that revolved around talking.

Can you believe it? Me, the girl who will go an entire weekend - hell a whole week - without picking up a phone used to talk all day every day.

Back in the day as part of my every waking minute duties I had to speak, and then of course in-between speaking to customers I talked nonstop to friends and coworkers. How to make a mongolian stir fry, where the safety exits were on the plane, and what kind of lenses would work the best for your prescription.

How the hell? Today I had to train someone and after talking for two hours my vocal cords were just shot.

Of course, I suppose that I did stop and listen once in a while, giving me breaks in the verbage. For the duration of these gigs I was also able to stay on my feet for seven hours at a time without wanting to shoot myself so obviously not just the talking has changed.

Even though sometimes it could be a bit of a strain, I think I do miss being 'on' for people. Now the only audience I get comes with a meeting, and heaven knows they aren't necessarily all that fun to run.

Getting older I totally appreciated getting off my feet. But do I miss the talking? God knows I love me some attention. Natch.

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