Sunday, January 13, 2008

modern medicine

Cortisone is a miracle worker.

Explaining my ongoing knee woes to my orthopedist, he referred me to a rheumatologist. But not before taking some fluid from my knee for testing and injecting me with some cortisone.

Everyone warned me how much the shot would hurt. They obviously did not have the fantabulous doc that I have. (Thanks Spags for the referral!!) Before any shots came he numbed my skin, and then before injecting the steroid he threw some novocaine in there.

I'm telling you people, all I felt was a slight prick. (Sounds like my last date, ha ha ha)

Here I am two days later and the swelling is completely gone for the first time in MONTHS. Not that I am going to do anything to change that. This girl is going to set up the next doc appt and take things slow.

So excited to have a full range of motion! Here I come yoga!

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