Saturday, October 20, 2007

changes of life

About six weeks ago I re-discovered running. After bailing on the NY half I was burned out, so tired of the damn sport. Didn't have any interest in doing fartleks or hills or speed repeats. And hell no I didn't want to go on any long runs.

That only lasted for about three weeks. Then as my aerobic ability rapidly disappeared into thin air I decided to hit the gym for a quick jog. Just for my waist.

Seemed my abilities had not deteriorated as quickly as I thought, and the run was terrific! In fact, it was absolutely awesome. I remembered how much I just enjoyed running to run. So I just went crazy. Down time be damned I started running every day and did a loop of the park on the weekend.

What was that about not putting on too much distance too fast? Oh yeah...injury. Basically I totally screwed over my leg in a totally new way. It hurt from my hip down past my knee to the top of my calf. My Iliotibial band. It hurt to sit, it hurt to lay down, it hurt to squat. And actually do any bouncing move at all was a joke.

Argh! With the weather getting cooler not being able to go for a run has been a bit of torture. But after running once again too soon and backsliding a bit I am close to being recovered. So I am fortunate in that I will be able to take up the sport again soon. Albeit slowly and carefully putting on the miles.

The most expected side effect of my down time has been interesting. Yes, I gained seven pounds. *Sigh* But not on the same old standby locations of my hips or thighs or torso. Oh no, my body put it in ONE SELECT LOCATION.

Right below my belly button. Only on the front of my body. For a couple of days I was concerned that I had gone and sprung another hernia (I have been doing core work while not running) because the strange way my midriff felt. But after careful consideration of my abdominal wall I discovered that I hah, in fact, gained like a half inch layer to an inch layer of fat on my belly. The lower half of my front now has a whole new roll when I sit down.

WTF?? My body is becoming some kind of freak show. It totally is laughing at me. As we all know my body hates me. A new injury and a specialized layer of fat? God, can't wait for what it throws my way next.

On the bright side if anyone threw a punch at my gut I'd be insulated. Oh, and my intestines will definitely be warm enough this winter. At least until I can shake this damn layer. Will the weight come off my body in the same order it came on? Hope hope hope.

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