Thursday, October 04, 2007


Like most jobs, mine is thankless. And no this is not a bitching post. Really.

For gods sake, I'm middle management. My employees demand more of me and dislike when I demand more of them. My bosses demand more...and demand more. As middle management you learn complaining is a self-centered exercise.

Don't get me wrong, people do on occasion say thank you. It goes like this:


Me: Okay (my signature beginning statement thank you Spags), everything is okay. I can fix it by...

Work work work work work

Work work


Them: Oh. Okay. Will this happen again?

Me: No, we put this new system into place which will add many more work hours to us, but don't you worry.

Them: Okay. Thanks.

C'est la vie.

I say thank you to my employees all the time. Thank you! That's great! Awesome! We're golden! As you all know I am an enthusiastic person. They don't remember that though. One stiff comment and yes I am the tough boss.

Middle management. Such is life. I took the frickin job, my problem.

Today I had a very awkward moment. Regular meeting where I do my tap-dance for the whole division. Have my prep work done and on hand; answer all questions that are put my way. Do what I do.

At the end of today’s meeting I stood up. (As you have to do in order to leave the room) Everyone who does not need to stay for the following meeting is clearing out. Second highest paid guy in the division then says:

“Rockstar, thank you for all your hard work”

Shocked for the actual call out I smiled and said an awkward “thank you.”


Sitting next to him, the highest paid guy in the division said

“Yes, Rockstar, thank you for all your hard work.”

Now I am COMPLETELY unsettled. I smile a little less and say thank you again.


Seriously, I almost walked out of the room backwards, afraid to turn my back should the axe fall.**

Now looking back I laugh at the fact that two people complimenting me on my job (which in case if you wondered I do work very hard at) threw me for such a loop. But for heaven's sake positive accolades come few and far between when you get to this point.

At least at this company. Last job? Heh, every day compliments and songs of praise. Each week was littered with "thank god for you" and "you are the best” Once a month at minimum I would get props and glowing praise from some form of a higher up.

So what does that say about me that I left such a Rockstar-friendly company for one that I get beaten down so hard that a grain of sugar puts me into diabetic shock? (Or the company in which they were that desperate to give one person such accolades at such a rate?)

Guess we'll find out over the next couple of months.

**Do keep in mind that with recent CEO changeovers many things (jobs) are unsettled


ctina (who else?) said...

OMG - first off you are so not middle management. I'm middle management, dear. The higher-ups actually know your name and respect you and know how hard you work (which is more than I can say). And you have a gold amex. We don't! Second off, YOU ROCK! and you know it! Yep, thanks is good, but how amazing is it when it's 100% heartfelt and you worked your ass off for it? And you've proved it to yourself? And third off, between the 2 companies your job totally changed. I don't care what you say, your last job was cushy! Now you are actually in charge of a billion huge decisions & making a huge impact in every imprint, everyday. This is the challenge, baby! now i'm gonna butt out...

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

sorry man, definition of middle management is that you are a manager of other managers and managed by someone.

totally my job.

thanks for the accolades though! not in doubt of my abilities as much as how little feedback you get once you pass a certain level.

people at this company hold way way too much close to the chest to be good for anyone on the other hand. must be said.

ctina said...

wait, by that definition, that means all the vps are middle-management too?? man, i'm so far down the corporate ladder i think i'm gonna officially give up.