Saturday, October 20, 2007

age differences

Every so often my friends and I toss around the concept of speed dating. The concept that we should try it, that is.

Last year I checked out Hurry Date to see what it had to offer. Some TV show gave it rave reviews. I liked that it broke out several categories to choose from.

For instance, men and women 25-35. Or women 30-40 and men 35-45. Or men ages 24-32 and women ages 21-29. They also have categories for Jewish singles and African-American singles.

Speed dating came up in conversation again a couple of weeks ago, and I promised the Jeweled Hornet that I would follow through on all the talk this time and actually get us signed up. So I went online.

And discovered a new category.

Hmmm, what could it be?

Wait for it...

Women 35-45 and men 25-34. Yep, younger men and cougars. Or almost cougars, whatever. Ironically I am SO OVER dating men in their twenties. I am all about seeing someone my age or older for once. Spaghetti perked right up at this new category when it came up in conversation though. Guess we know what session she'll be signing up for. :)


Flighty Bird said...

You mean to tell me that 20-somethings that work for classic car companies don't inspire?! ;)

Anonymous said...

When are we doing it???? I need a little excitement or at the very least a funny story! xoxo Spags