Thursday, June 09, 2005

weezer has competition

I just caught the Foo Fighters performance on the MTV movie awards. Boy did they rock. I forgot how much they rule. Right after this blog I will have to buy their new album.

Even better, my friend Spaghetti will be interviewing them this Saturday after we run our 10K and before we head out to the beer garden. It is prep for their "24 hours of Foo" show that will air on MTV2 this weekend. Maybe she can get them to come out to the beer garden with us?

It would not be that hard to rock the drummer, Taylor Hawkins' world. He is quite the hottie. I love Dave Grohl, but he's married. I don't do the marrieds.

ARGH! I left the TV on after the show and saw part of the Britney and Kevin show. My brain hurts, must go purge with literature.

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