Tuesday, June 07, 2005

back from hiatus

I didn't really go anywhere, just didn't blog for a bit. Not that I didn't think of a million things to blog about. And then promptly forgot them all. I like to keep my brain free and clear of clutter, you know.

It seems I have been given a summer intern. Sadly I am no longer in a position to corrupt him. There are bummers to responsibility. Instead I have to do my best to give him all the boring work without actually boring him. Who says my job doesn't have challenges?

This past weekend I attended my first Long Island wedding. My girlfriends had to rent a car and a hotel room, since there is not enough public transit out there. Turns out there is quite a bit of food involved in weddings on LI. The cocktail hour does not have just cheese and veggies; it had a whole hot buffet. Fortunately my proclivity towards free alcohol kept me from eating too much. Nothing much of interest happened. The promised single policemen/firemen at the wedding (the groom is a NY policeman) all brought dates. No one puked, no one fell over, so it was a fun wedding and uneventful.

My friend who got married, the bride, is 27, as are most of the friends who I was accompanied by at the wedding. This is the beginning of the long line of weddings for most of them, and therefore being one of the first was perceived as SO MUCH FUN. Now, I have been to quite a few weddings, and their excitement got me thinking about all of them. Do I have a favorite?

How can you have a favorite anything? As with everything in life, the sum of so many small parts makes up the whole.

Some of my favorite wedding moments (the order is completely random as I recall them):

- Making Paul's brother do shots at Paul and Julie's wedding.

- Kimmy, fully decked out in wedding dress dancing to Front 242.

- The ENTIRE party of over 300(?) guests getting up to dance at Dev and Vim's wedding. Never seen that happen before or since.

- Me driving like speedracer to get to Kirk and Alit's wedding "on time", which I had been mislead about.

- Getting hit by the bridal bouquet at Sue and Jim's wedding, watching it hit the floor, making eye contact with the woman next to me, looking at the bouquet, looking back at each other, and her agreeing to pick it up since she's divorced. Whew!

- Discovering the Copa Cabana at Karen and Dave's wedding, while seeing Paul being the most drunk that I have ever seen him. What did he keep saying that day? He had some catch phrase...

- Taking pictures of the men’s room urinals using the table camera at Dev and Vim's wedding.

- Breaking into Paul's house after Paul and Julie's wedding and making good use of the pool table.

- The fact that at cousin Steve and Mo's wedding not just Steve's dad made a toast, but the two Cooney uncles (including my dad) had to as well. And Irish men do not do short toasts.

- Watching all the men stockpile drinks at Dev and Vim's wedding because the bar was not open the entire time, and then get totally trashed due to said stockpiling.

- Making the all time biggest foot in mouth of my life saying to one groom at the wedding end, "I don't care what anyone says; I believe you two will be happy together."

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, who's camera was that with the pictures of the urinals. Oh yeah, fond memories.