Friday, June 03, 2005

take me back

The latest fashion trend to catch my eye?

Oh yeah, the polo shirt with the upturned collar. It's baaaaaaack.

I am alternately horrified/entertained whenever I see it, depending on my mood. I have seen at least four guys in the last 24 hours sporting the recycled look. I'd say they were all fresh out of college, too.

Thinking back, I do not think I really ever was a preppy. I think I had one polo shirt once, yellow. Never did I turn up the collar, however. If I recall correctly, it was because turning up your collar made you a preppie which made you a snob, and where I may have many faults that has never been one of them. It is interesting to see the collar now just being a collar.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Make sure you run the other way in horror if you see someone sporting the up turned collar with the 'peg-cuffed' acid-wash jeans!