Wednesday, June 29, 2005

help who?

Live aid is coming again, and I'm not sure why. This time it is called Live 8, though.

Do you remember the first time around? I do. Something about world hunger, starvation in Ethiopia. Lots of bands over a couple of days.

It is happening again, spread all over the world. I have been keeping myself somewhat in the know because Spaghetti has to work the Philly portion. Mod Fab kindly lists all the bands and where they are playing which has kept me in the loop as well.

I even have browsed CNN, which has all kinds of explanations and ruminations, but I still just don't get it.

I was kind of young the first time around, I did not go to any of the concerts and did not donate money. I don't know if I am interested in watching the event this time around, we'll see if they can snag me and any of my moola. I tend to funnel my donations, what few of them I am able to do, toward NPR.

It is rather curious that there is no major network coverage. MTV affiliates and AOL, but no free stuff. I know only a quarter of american homes have computers, I wonder what the percentage of people who have cable could be.

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