Sunday, June 26, 2005


I went to the jersey shore over the weekend with my friends, it was restful and pleasant.

We hit the beach yesterday, which is such a pleasure. Being from Michigan I have spent a lot of time by water, but this whole ocean thing is still a novelty to me. As is the concept of spending the day at the beach. I hated the Detroit public beaches, so seldom frequented them. If I got around to tanning, it would be by someone's pool and only for an hour or so. As for property on the lake - water sports and drinking.

My girlfriends are experienced at this beach thing, we went prepared for the whole day. Umbrella, beach chairs, towels, snacks, lunch, lots of water. Oh - and sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. I am, after all, a pale irish girl. And a nocturnal one at that. I decided to live dangerously and use SPF 4, opting for umbrella shade when the time came.

Five hours into sun time I noticed some pink on my arms. My back was feeling hot. I covered up. Subsequently four hours later, I became a lobster. Remember the coppertone ads with the dog pulling down the baby bikini bottoms? With that burn line? Yeah. I am solid red all over my body with a very very definite set of tan/burn lines. I AM BURNT. And it hurts.

On the bright side I wore a bikini for the first time in years, and my tummy and almost invisible scar looked fabulous. So now I'm burnt, but fabulous. Red is one of my favorites colors, at least.

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