Thursday, June 23, 2005

my latest crush

Okay, so I currently have mad love for Peter Sarsgaard.

Yes, he is handsome, but not in your Hollywood actor way. He does not have a six-pack, does not get botox, has no over-done tan. I am into Mr Sarsgaard because of the roles he plays, the movies he is in. I mean, here is a small sample - Garden State, Shattered Glass, Kinsey - wow. Not only are these terrific films, but also the roles he plays are complex and beautiful.

I don't know how much control or influence an actor has in finding really good roles to play. You can turn something down, but how do you scout them out? The drive for substance over income always impresses me, and the depth of these roles mixed with the skill he touts when filling them blows me away.

Always the love for the geeks.

What sucks he is dating Maggie Gyllenhaal, talk about steep competition. I have seen her in passing here in NYC, and she is gorgeous. Not to mention she picks some pretty great roles too. I mean, have you seen Secretary? Pretty steep competition.

I wonder if they started dating after having an initial discussion about having two A's in their last names. Yes, in my mind I actually believe that their first ever conversation revolved around funky Slavic spelling rules. Why? Because if I was to meet them I totally can see myself having a half hour discussion with them about it. Really. I can imagine the whole dialogue, of which I will thankfully spare you.

Also in my mind I don't believe I am insane, just quirky. My mind is a vast and fantastical place. :)

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