Monday, September 17, 2007


God I love the fall. Love it love it love it. All of a sudden I have all this energy, this drive. Too bad my leg is a mess, I can't pour out the overflow into running.

But by bejessus I can clean. And shop. And surf the web.

Check this out - what a kick ass cast! Too bad the last scene of the trailer kind of reminds me of that Mary Stuart Masterson movie Immediate Family. But then I'll forgive it because of the director...


jenn said...

nonono! my innocent arrested/superbad friend michael cera is not allowed to wear wrist bands AND knock up a girl in the same movie. that's just weird. but i'm pretty sure i'll see it anyway - it does look rather good.

Flighty Bird said...

oh, that looks SO good! great find! :)