Friday, September 14, 2007


If you were to ask me what my type was, I couldn't answer.

Not because I lack introspection or can't recognize a good thing when I see it. Quite the opposite. I see too many of the good things, which in many ways defies the idea of a 'type'. My range is far too wide to easily define.

For example, in the past I have felt the lust a-burnin for vin disel in pitch black. You know, the whole self-sacrificing warrior type thing. Like, say...Malcom Reynolds. Of Firefly/Serenity. Yummy.

Today? Someone says in my presence "I have a direct line to Stphen Hawking" and I am sold. Putty in his hands. Immediately. don't think that is hot? C'mon. To have the ability to call at any given time one of the most brilliant minds in our life span? And then they know who you are???

Too geeky hot. But I'm still totally into it. Oh, the nerd love...

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