Tuesday, September 18, 2007

mystery, brain cells

Anyone crave a little mystery in their lives?

I received contact recently from the Mongo, land of all things fun in my 20's, in the form of a myspace entity. There seems to be a potential reunion approaching. Thus someone has used myspace to find some of us.

As part of this effort, I have been receiving messages from a past coworker who is anonymous on myspace. Here is the intro:

No, this isn't a letter telling you how cute that you are to try and recieve sexual favors, And no, I do not wish to refinance your house either. But years ago, while we both worked at the mongo, I would have loved to try and steal a smooch. HA HA HA!!! I hope that your life is fabulous, amazing, and chalk full of the finest sex! Been a long time..........

Okay, inconspicuous enough. This kind of thing happens online in the network world. So I respond:

The funny thing about your myspace page is I have no idea who you are. Which of course leaves me with no context to reply but:
I have good email that blocks weird advances for sexual favors. (but only weird ones)
To refinance a house you have to own one. NYC? Not so much.
Life is always fabulous and amazing for me, but goddamn I always have been one of those positive people so did you expect less?
Finest sex comes and goes (if I spelled that a little differently I'd be so witty) depending on the scene...

I hope this satisfies some of your curiosity.

here's hoping you get just enough of what you are looking for to make you happy - just enough because to get everything you want is always a curse. :)

I was going for nice to hear from you, peace yo. Not like that has EVER been my forte. Then I get back

Yes, but if you knew exactly who I was, would that not take all of the fun out of the game? We had a fun work relationship, filled with laughs and smiles, but then again, most of the people working at that time had the same with one another..... it seems that that hint was headed toward a very open field. It is a pleasure to see that your sence of humor has gotten even more sarcastic and beautiful. no idea???

My intention was not to turn this into some sort of game, yet to say hello to someone whos company I truely did enjoy. But remembering your personality, it is tempting to perpetuate this act of drama ( no not the drag queen disco type).

The choice, my friend, is up to you. Want to play? Or wish to know. With that said, I bow my head and hand the ball to you.

Damn gauntlet. Damn, damn damn gauntlet.

So now I have to figure this out. Of all the people I worked with at this place over four years, who is it???

Don't get me wrong, love the challenge. Love it. Hate it. Argh.

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