Sunday, September 09, 2007


Honestly I don't know if other people do this, but I have many awesome fantasy lives. I read a lot, so that helps supplement the interior drama life some. But when that doesn't satisfy the itch, I bring my own imagination into play.

About four months ago I remembered this one guy I new. Once upon a time. He was hot. And deep. I thought he liked me. Maybe. So at that point of time in my life I was reading tarot cards. They gave me much direction in my life, and also acted as a stimulant in social situations where I felt insecure.

This guy was also interested in the tarot. But when I offered to read his cards at a party when I was reading others he turned me down. Because to read them would be too personal for that setting.

As a friend, I called him a couple of days later to set up his own personal reading. I won't lie here - I thought he might be interested and this was the icebreaker. Knowing that I made the call. But when he answered, he turned me down.


Guess he wasn't interested after all. I mean, here I was. Calling him asking to be alone with him. He turns me down. Done. No excuse, no reschedule. Must have misread the situation.

Here I am many years later, and for some reason I started to think about him again. In fantasy form. What are the odds that we end up getting in contact again soon?

You tell me.

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