Wednesday, April 18, 2007

second degrees

A couple of weeks ago I hear on NPR about how there is free opera at a Brooklyn bar. This opera singer thought to herself something along the lines of...

You know what?? Opera would kick ass in a small venue bar.

Listening to the story, I totally agreed. How awesome to hear a few arias while having a beer at a local pub? And the singers (real opera singers) were drinking right along with you? FOR FREE??

Beer not free, entertainment. C'mon, get real.

So I made a mental note.




Today, I discovered that the woman who invented this is the sister of a friend (a friend I have not talked to or seen in three years, but I'm claiming dibs on friendship for this story all the same)

So totally have a listen to the truely awesome story. And then give a holla if you want to check out for real. Considering it is free and all I don't think my *somewhat* connection will be necessary.

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