Sunday, April 01, 2007


Today I'm running my first race since the marathon. The coogan 10K in Central Park. There will be bagpipes at each mile.

In lieu of acquiescing and signing up for the marathon, I've been working on setting some new personal records, or PR's if you will.

So far my fastest 10K was run in one hour four minutes and two seconds. A 10:19 average minute mile, if you will.

This I will break. Question is how much faster will I go, do I beat it by a few seconds or a whole minute? (oooooh a whole minute, whoa)


Bridget Rockstar!! said...

I totally killed that race. 1:01:44 baby!! New PR by over two minutes!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations :)
I have run ~2.5 miles 4 times now without my shin splits/stress fractures acting up...I'm back on the road again, running my 11.5 minute mile ;)

ctina said...

Great PR!!!!

Are you planning on running the NYC Half? Sounds cool... I'm attempting the lottery....

>Link to the NYC Half!!

ctina said...

ack! one "/" too many. here's the right address