Thursday, April 05, 2007

failure is an option

Yesterday I had a moment with the crush. It went something like this:

He smiles wide, and looks right at me. "Hey, how are you doing today?"

Me totally blanking on anything to say. "Fine for a...what is today, Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday...."

"Right...seems like it should be later in the week doesn't it?" Another smile, warm and friendly.

Still nothing coming out of that factory of grey matter I used to refer to as my brain. "Well not really. I don't know. The weekend just seems far away"



Awkward silence


He heads off. "See ya."

He leaves. I commence to banging my head against a wall for ten minutes straight.

Seriously, how NOT SMOOTH was that? The world's worst small talk ever? Why don't I just talk about the weather for gods sake?!? How can I be such a success at social situations but a total nincompoop when it really matters?

That's all I got?? Wednesday? WEDNESDAY??

Failure. Straight out failure.

In retelling this story to Thighs and her peeps last night, she reacted very strongly to me using the word "failure". She wouldn't let me say it. Downright refused.

I understand exactly where she was coming from. A few days back Spaghetti had posted on her blog about a dish gone wrong and used the word about four times. My reaction was just as strong, and I distinctly recall having to hold myself back from vehemently validating her in the comments.

Thing is, we are allowed to fail. I do not have to always be perfect, or right, or a winner. Not all the time. And my friends do like me even when I am human, as positive as we all try to be. So I have a plan.

Next time you find yourself in a losing situation, instead of using the F word, just say you are having a Wednesday moment.

Sums it up, dead on.


Flighty Bird said...

"wednesday moment!" i love it! :)

don't worry, Rockstar...we all know you have it in you!

Anonymous said...

It was just a bad piece of fish - I'm still the Queen of the Kitchen.