Monday, April 23, 2007

celebrations and libations

Last week I attended that black tie event. Went out and bought myself a nice new dress and shoes, the whole nine yards.

It was purdy. First a cocktail hour with tons of fancy apps, including of course mountains of shrimp cocktail. The little chum-eating buggers always impress people. But me, I only had eyes for the top shelf vodka to have myself a gimlet or two.

Tossed back a couple of drinks, bumped into a couple people from the mighty bird, had some delightful conversation. Totally glad Ctina was able to attend compliments of one of our vendors. Time with her is always way cool. *Sigh* I could live cocktail hour.

Hmmm, I think maybe often I already do.

Anyhoo, also bumped into my old boss. Who was very distracted and didn't get much more than a hello out there. But she was always like that, single-minded, so it was cool. I figured she had another place she felt she needed to be.

Then the dinner. My company had bought a whole table, so there were nine of us. If my head honcho knows anything, he knows how to assemble some fun people. They were all totally a blast.

Not to forget of course the white wine accompanying the salad, and the red wine coupled with the lamb chops...

Finally, the dancing. Oh, the dancing. Our table was rockin the house. It was sweet.

Later on I got to meet the ex-boss' husband, which was cool. Again all small talk, but really after twelve hours of debriefing before I left the last gig what more could there be to say?

The party was over abruptly at ten due to the arrival of our car service home. But see, I had another plan.

Thighs (that's right people, she now has a blog all of her own!) was out on the town with CB, and headed to the mighty Irish Rogue SOOOO conveniently located across the street from where I live.

We met up. Pints were consumed. As were shots.

I remember telling every guy I met to look at my cleavage, that it was okay as I am proud of my boobage. I also remember asking to get sprayed down by the soda gun and the bartender complying.

I don't recall much of what Thighs and I spoke about. I also don't recall why I got a card from this guy Kevin that I met at the very end. Did we even have a conversation?

Last thing I remember for sure? Home at 3:30 am. Thursday night/Friday morning. Just to get up and go to work the next in a few short hours.

Oh my liver. My poor, poor liver.

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Anonymous said...

I have no recollection of you talking to a Kevin. Then again the only thing I do remember from that night was the sausage omelet and vanilla milkshake I ate at 4am at the dinner around the corner from my apartment. Needless to say it was the best meal ever.