Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tonight I had to leave work by a certain time. Not because of a workout or a certain appointment.

Because by god I had a concert to attend.

There is this band that I have been digging on for awhile, Rise Against. I'm into punk rock an all, and dig the bands when they are still Warped Tour big, you know. (May stem from my everlove of Bad Religion, but whatev)

So tonight I did my regular and worked past hours. At some point I finished up my stuff and headed to the Roseland.

Yeah, I was a bit worried that I missed my band. Doors opened at 5:45. I finished work at 8:15. But see I'm a lucky bastard. I walked in, checked my coat, bag, and professional uniform looking sweater and the band started.

How lucky am I??

I had forgotten how awesome it is to see a live band. All you bastards who go home at night and relax to the TV WAKE UP. Go out and see something, anything live. It reminds you that you are ethereal, it is amazing.

Needless to say I enjoyed the concert.

A while in, they mentioned they had three songs left. "Yeah right" I muttered. Three plus encore, whatever. To top it off is was early in the evening. We'll see.

Then they finished their "last song".

And the lights came on

There were no encore cheers. No one tried. People walked away from the stage.

Um, it only had lasted an hour. With no encores. And it was 9:20.

Holy mother of god they were the OPENING BAND.


Yup. The band I have been longing to see for months is the opener. And the lead? I don't give a damn.

By the way, Rise Against totally rocked. I loved every moment and would not take a bit back. Honestly it works out better for me that I got to go home a little bit earlier in the evening. You know, because of all the need to think the next day and stuff.

The real kicker is that this is the second time this has happened to me. The previous when I saw Liz Phair and Jason Mraz. I thought Liz would have been the lead...but no.

Correct, I am the girl now who shows up for the openers. And I love every moment dammit.

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