Thursday, November 30, 2006

easily influenced

As of late I have been on a Scrubs kick.  Not the clothing, the TV show.  So far I am on Season 3, gotta love that Netflix! 


Really I am in love with the show all over again.  Quick moving intelligent humor with just enough slapstick to keep it light.  Or maybe it is because I am a super geek and relate to the geek characters.  That could be it.


One interesting side effect of watching the show is that they often highlight music.  And I end up buying it.  Like the acoustic version of Overkill by Colin Hay.  Awesome.  Just plain awesome.


Last night as I was watching season 3 disc 1 Zack Braff’s character JD suggested a Journey cover band for a wedding.  He got teased, then he got defensive, downplaying his love of the band.  Then the Donald Faison character Turk whispered-sang into JD’s ear:


Just a small-town girl

Livin’ in a lonely world

She took the midnight train

Going anywhere...


And of course because no one can resist the Journey JD immediately stood up and without reserve sang back:


Just a city boy

Born and raised in south Detroit

He took the midnight train

Going anywhere…


And subsequently admitted that indeed, Journey does rock.


So what do I do?  This morning I stopped myself from leaving my house to buy, download to Mackie, and upload to the ipod…Journey’s greatest hits.  And I’ll be damned if I haven’t been listening all morning and grinning like an idiot from ear to ear.  Which is totally normal to see, a New Yorker walking to work smiling.  We all do that.


In case you didn’t realize, goddamn it Scrubs is right.  Journey just rocks.

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