Wednesday, November 01, 2006

bit by bit

Have I mentioned that I miss Mackie my macbook? I hate blogging from work.

Let me clarify - I hate staying this late to work and then having to stay longer to blog instead of doing so in the comfort of my home. With a tasty beverage in hand.

As we approach the big day I have another tidbit for this Sunday! An online pace guide that gives a rough idea of where I'll be when.

Now, understand my GOAL is to finish the marathon. And live to tell the tale. My HOPE is that I can finish it in 4:30, which would put me at a 10:20 minute mile. But I could be slower. It could happen.

This being said I am going to sign up for the 4:30 pace team - so by using the chart and by looking for the nice pace leader with balloons it should be easier to find me, as I should not be more than ten minutes behind him/her. (Knock on wood!)

More importantly than you finding me there is the question of me finding you. There are 37,000 of us running and 2 million of you watching. So if you are planning to cheer me on let me know where you will be and I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

Tomorrow I'll post my bib number and fun stuff after I go to the Expo to pick up my stuff. (Are those butterflies in my stomach? Oooooh doggie!)


Dev said...

I am so excited for you!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on! You will do awesome!!

ctina said...

i walked home through the park yesterday and they were setting up. there were a million trailers and monitors. looks like a movie set!

jenn said...

hopefully i will be at home on sunday morning and i can cheer you on as you run past my block in "the ridge". just don't bring the stink from staten island over with you.