Friday, March 31, 2006

stage two

The second step in modern day courting rituals for Rockstar.

I have been ruminating quite a bit about what all these stages are, and polling many of my friends. DTH guy and I are still canoodling after a month, and we have gone on more than three dates. (Dates defined as making a plan and doing something together, not falling into bed after happening to be at the same bar for an event.)

We have also moved into a comfortable assumption of time being spent together - that we will see each other again within five days kind of thing.

This puts us to stage two. "Seeing Each Other."

Although several people know his secret identity (he is part of one of the bar distros I am on, therefore was not a stranger at time of initial hook-up) we have still been keeping our interaction on the down-lo. As we are assuming that we will continue for the foreseeable future, we are being less stealthy. Not trying so hard to hide what we are doing.

Not that I ever really am good at hiding much of anything. I tend to share my life in minutia with anyone who will listen. Oops.


michael said...

Are there assumed dates yet... fri/sat night plans made without actually asking if you are available?

Alison said...

i don't think rockstar is a seinfeld fan..she may not get this reference hun.

I love that your on stage two. it's pretty damn adorable.

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

nope, not yet! all plans for the next date are made at the last one. chain of events intact dating.