Monday, March 27, 2006

secret garden

There is a magical mysterious hidden place in New York City, and it is the High Line.

The High Line is a long closed above ground rail system in Manhattan. It has been closed off to all public access for years, and thus has become overgrown and wild. And intriguingly cool.

While walking the city, all you see from below are rusted girders and chipped cememt. It looks like industrial waste. But from above? Paradise. A secret garden.

Ever since I have heard about this place my imagination and heart have been captured, my interest piqued. And now they are going to renovate to make it into a public park! I am so stoked!


shirley said...

Oooh - is it that space on the West Side beyond all the art galleries? I wish I were artsy fartsy & cool! (Instead, I just drink and pretend to be cool.)

ctina said...

who's doing it? diller & scofidio?