Saturday, March 11, 2006


I know you all are dying to hear how the dinner went last week.

Well I decided to go the trust my instincts, no recipe needed route. DTH guy is a self-proclaimed meat and potatoes guy, so I did meat and potatoes. I picked up the groceries, and made the following:

Cheese platter of gouda and parmesan romano
Antipasti of mixed olives
New york strip steaks with parmesan crust
Twice baked truffled mashed potatoes
Asparagus sautéed in ginger soy sauce
Finished with local bakery bought nut free brownies

Went off like a charm. He brought wine and flowers, so thoughtful and sweet. And the evening was perfect.

We talked, we laughed, and laughed some more. The conversation was delightful and flowing, no rough or awkward spots.

While grocery shopping I had a realization about why I had offered to make dinner, and later on I discussed with DTH guy. On our first date the previous Thursday, while picking up the check he had explained that he believed strongly in always paying the bill. It is more than just a traditional patriarchal ritual and more of the concept of treating me for the honor of my presence. Still sounds vaguely like prostitution, but I'll believe that's not the point.

Now, I happen to be a fiercely independent person, and have a very time asking for or even receiving anything. Someone buys me a drink at a bar; I buy them a drink and a shot. I just abhor the idea of being indebted to someone.

Knowing that any place we go he would pick up the check, how could I balance the scale? Cook dinner.

Yes, I have issues.

Upon realizing this, I came to terms with the idea that I will just have to learn to sit back and take it like a man. Pun intended. Since Saturday we went out two more times, and he came over last night after the Pisces bday party and spent the day with me today. In other words, things are going well. The more time we spend together, the more fun I am having with him, which is nice. We are officially to the canoodling stage of a relationship, in the rockstar dictionary. Soon I will post all the stages, just so ya'll can follow along accordingly.

And yes, he reads my blog. Keeps me honest.


Joanie said...

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the contact. Keeping the fingers and toes crossed(and a prayer) for the job. Hope to see
you soon for a lunch date.

shirley said...

mmmmm - recipes requested for the parmesan crusted strip steaks & twice-baked truffled potatoes. yaaaar (drool)!

Erica said...

I second that recipe request...that sounds delightful!