Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So sad

Last night when I got home I had a voicemail from apple, they had some questions about my application.  The second interview had gone off smashingly, if not strangely.  It was a group interview, myself and five other candidates, and we answered a few questions, had some discussion, and had a presentation to give.  At the end of the interview we were told that we would be contacted in seven to ten days with our job offers.
Whoa.  I was skeptical, how can they place me after just that?  But then the phone call.
It seems my initial doubts are true, I am overqualified.  In order to work at the store I would have to take a pay cut of over twenty grand.  I was willing to go down ten, that is how much I love the damn company.  Right now to go down that much would spell bankruptcy.  My recruiter was sad, I was sad, both of us expressed remorse at my inability to make the leap. 
I mentioned that in six months I will be debt free and revisit the jump, and she promised to keep me active in her mind especially if a new area opens up that I could fill that still meets my needs.
So sad I can't go to apple now, but my foot is in the door.  Someday I'll get past the threshold, goddammit!!

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