Tuesday, March 14, 2006

calling all michiganders

Okay, here is the deal.  As I am the maid of honor and the only bridesmaid in my sister's wedding, it is my esteemed duty to throw the bachelorette party.
There is no truth to the rumor that really I am organizing because I am such a drinker and socializer.  Nope, no way.
Anyhoo, my sis has laid down a few ground rules. 
1)  No strippers
2)  Someplace equidistant from Ann Arbor/Tecumseh and Roseville/Warren.  (sis suggested Novi)
3)  No people taking off their clothes for money
4)  A locale in which we can reserve an area and activities are to be had.  (sis suggested Gameworks)
5)  No pizza or police men allowed who are feeling constricted by their apparel
6)  Alcohol should be served
7)  No hanging around people who have a longing for money being stuffed in their underwear
Now I call on you, my friends still in the wonderful mitten state, for some input and advice.  My sister does not play video games, and never did.  There HAS to be a fun place or two around Novi that focuses on something more down her alley?  We are not talking my alley, all I need is a lot of beer and a drunk corner to pass out in, thus my needs are easily served.  And this is her day.  Or at least the one before that day where she wears white and makes some kind of promise to some guy about sickness and jewelry.
Are there any dueling piano bars in the area, or any other fun adult type things?  Also, any hotel or limo/car service recommendations, specifically places you personally know are good?  I can search on the web like a mutha, but if ya'll have experienced some professional bliss I'd love to hear the good word.  (Or if you know places to avoid that is good info too!)  My sister said a hotel was not necessary, but I'd like to spring for a room or two to help relax the pressures of the evil word TOLERANCE that could incur from having to drive an hour home as certain parties may be prone to do.  That word is not needed at a bachelorette party thrown by me.
I mean at any bachelorette party for my sister.  Not about me, not about me...
Of course, any information will be accordingly rewarded with time and drinks spent with me during the long week before the wedding of which I will be in town, and most likely will also result an invite to the actual non-stripper night itself.  Cause that's how I roll.
Oh, and do you guys know any good stripper agencies?  Just kidding!!!  (Or not...)


kzooj said...

I see you strike fear in the heart of your younger sibling :) Makes us all proud. I don't really know that side of town anymore but I can ask around... When will you be in town??

Paul said...

WHIRLYBALL!!!!! Need I say more? Do I win? Will I get to bask in the glory of Bridget's company?

Bridget Rockstar!! said...




I had forgotten all about whirlyball!!!!

Will be in town starting June 2nd, see ya'll then!